The Robot Immune System (RIS) is a software solution that protects robots and robot components against malware.
Inspired by nature, it gets installed directly into your robotic system delivering an integrated suite of protection technologies.

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RIS is biologically inspired

The Robot Immune System (RIS) is the resulting work of more than two years of research and development funded by the Basque Government and the European Union, among others. Led by a cellular biologist, our team which includes biologists, roboticists, security researchers and software engineers brought immunological concepts to and advanced software system that detects, protects and prevents robots against malicious attacks.

As the Human Immune System (HIS), RIS adapts to its environment and evolves over time.

The following video summarizes the biology behind the Robot Immune System (RIS).

A Robotics Endpoint
Protection Platform

RIS is a Robot Endpoint Protection Platform (REPP), an integrated suite of endpoint protection technologies for robots —including a next-gen antivirus, hardening for known flaws, data encryption, intrusion prevention mechanisms, data loss prevention, etc.— that detects, prevents, stops and informs on a variety of threats that affect the robotic system.

Currently available for

Selected robots and robot components.



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How does
it work?

RIS gets deployed directly into your robot or robot component. It delivers an inside-out cyber security solution to your robot, securing it against malware. Its unique architecture allows to block, prevent, record and visualize all malicious activity while continuously adapting.

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tech specs

Vulnerabilities patched

and deployed in RIS


Latency introduced



False positives

as of March 2020


Memory requirements

Default deployment, RAM


Computational requirements

Default deployment in UR3's Intel Celeron @ 1.99GHz


Disk requirements

Default deployment


A modular

RIS is based on a modular architecture which allows us to serve a wide variety of clients across use cases and robotic technologies.


An adaptative firewall. Blocks unexpected communications. Simple adaptation on-the-go.


Patches known vulnerabilities. Removes unnecessary communications. Enforces security policies.


A forensics module. Registers and securely records all incoming communications and internal interactions.


Visualize and seamlessly interact with RIS. Re-train and control interactions with and within the robot.


A bio-inspired artificial intelligence that adapts to incoming security threats.

for robots

Protect your robot against cyber-threats with RIS, an adaptive and layered Robotics Endpoint Protection Platform (REPP) for robots built and inspired by the Human Immune System.

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