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JOANNEUM RESEARCH is a technology and innovation provider for businesses, it has been applying their development worldwide since 1960, always according to the highest international standards. The company is a technology transfer platform and works in areas like health sciences, surface technologies, information and communication research and mechatronics among others.

One of these research units is the Institute of Robotics and Mechatronics, which holds a number of UR3 robots, now being protected by RIS, Alias Robotics’ robot cybersecurity solution. RIS protects the robots and their components against malware in the process of certifying safety, whilst they carry out work for different research projects.


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RIS an extra security layer to ensure safety

RIS is installed at JOANNEUM RESEARCH as part of a collaboration in two of their current projects where Alias Robotics' robot endpoint protection platform adds an extra value to their research.

One of these projects is about robot safety in course of JOANNEUM's Robot Evaluation Lab (REL). JOANNEUM RESEARCH has introduced RIS to test the security system of the robots and thus ensure certified robot applications stay safe thanks to the higher compliance levels provided by RIS. As one of the most relevant vulnerability finders, the company perfectly comprehends the safety deficiencies resulting from the lack of security. They are well aware of how robots can be compromised by a security flaw and how that can disable the safety functions.

RIS is also being used into an AI project. In conjunction with their Deep Learning toolkit RoboGym, RIS secures an externally controlled robot which has been taught how to evade a moving object. AI technology is susceptible of being attacked by external agents, which can cause non-implementation in collaborative environments. As the Robot Immune System adds an extra layer of security to the technology by ensuring no action can tamper with the robotic application. RIS ensures data accuracy, ensuring that no defects are introduced in the manipulation of the collaborative robot, and the correct operation of the complex techniques used by the austrian innovation company.

What is RIS?

The Robot Immune System (RIS) is a zero-trust security compliant solution to protect robots and their components against malware. Inspired by the human immune system, it gets installed directly into your robots delivering an integrated suite of protection technologies, adapting to it over time and in alignment with the most advanced security standards in the industry.

Next-gen antivirus

Data encryption

Hardening security vulnerabilities

Intrusion prevention mechanisms

Data loss prevention

Adaptability to the environment

RIS ensures the security of certified application development at Joanneum Research's Robot Evaluation Lab.

From early 2021, RIS protects robots at Joanneum Research and avoids third party attacks against robotic AI services ensuring data integrity and accuracy during Reinforcement Learning research, deployment and production.


About Joanneum Research

Joanneum Research is an Austrian business oriented innovation company. Focused in cutting-edge research on an international scale, their mission is to facilitate the transfer of technology and knowledge in South-East-Austria. They do it by actively cooperating with business, industry and the public sector to generate application-oriented innovation and transferring technology into the economy. They also act as a node between national and international networks facilitating contact between research, business, industry and the public sector.

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Bernhard Dieber, Research Director at Joanneum Research

"As we are a research institute, we evaluated whether a solution like RIS allows us to secure the robot while still running our diverse training scenario and whenever we go to market with a final solution, we can then recommend RIS as an additional protection measure for our customers."