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Vicomtech is a leading Basque and European technology research and transfer center (RTO) developing industrial unique digital solutions for each one of their clients in order to improve their competitiveness. Vicomtech activities have three main pillars: knowledge generation; generation of digital assets and research projects condensing best practices and tested technology. Apart from digital technologies, they also participate in research in the fields of manufacturing, process industry and cybersecurity, among others.

To ensure the confidentiality of their research, guarantee safety of their researchers and improve the overall cybersecurity of their robotic projects through a zero trust approach, Vicomtech has deployed Alias Robotics' Robot Immune System (RIS) in their industrial collaborative robots. The targeted manufacturer was Universal Robots, with their UR10 series. One of such units is located in Vicomtech’s Advanced Manufacture Laboratory, where it's is used for a variety of industrial research tasks that are constantly being transferred to industry. The header above depicts one of the latest works wherein the secure collaborative robot is used to scan a specific object and autonomously create a virtual 3D model from it for further industrial finishing processes.

With RIS, Vicomtech roboticists conduct an array of different research actions with secure robots and serve different industrial applications.


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RIS protects robots used in advanced R&D activities

As of December 2020, thanks to RIS, Vicomtech benefits from secure and safer robots, with an enhanced protection on both their intellectual property and the highly confidential work done for their industrial clients. RIS is used in their instances of the UR10 robot while developing applications. Through RIS, Vicomtech is able to track any security incidences and deliver an integrated and secure end-to-end robotic solution that aligns with latest industrial security trends as specified by IEC 62443. RIS robot endpoint centric security solution is able to protect the robot operations and the sensitive IP, ensuring the continuous operation of Vicomtech's research and development activities, staying ahead of other groups and protected from robot threats.

What is RIS?

The Robot Immune System (RIS) is a zero-trust security compliant solution to protect robots and their components against malware. Inspired by the human immune system, it gets installed directly into your robots delivering an integrated suite of protection technologies, adapting to it over time and in alignment with the most advanced security standards in the industry.

Next-gen antivirus

Data encryption

Hardening security vulnerabilities

Intrusion prevention mechanisms

Data loss prevention

Adaptability to the environment

RIS ensures the continuous secure operation of Vicomtech's robotic research activities.

From December 2020 on, the Robot Immune System (RIS) is protecting the collaborative robots of Vicomtech's research solutions from cyberattacks, building an additional layer of security into their operations. RIS is deployed in the UR10 series cobots, securing them from cyberattacks.


About Vicomtech

Vicomtech is a technology research center which generates technologies for research, development and innovation, fulfilling the needs of their clients and helping them improve their competitiveness into the global market. They carried out projects for more than 350 clients in areas such as industrial processes and manufacturing, smart mobility, medical devices and digital security among others. Two of the main technologies that are explored at Vicomtech are Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence and their applications to different sectors. For example, the Department of Industry and Advanced Manufacturing addresses lines of research related to Cognitive Vision, Virtual Engineering, Industrial Data Intelligence and Industrial Connectivity with the aim of providing industrial companies with the most suitable digital transformation processes. Likewise, the Department of Digital Security researches on the detection of anomalies and attacks, the choice of an intelligent response to them or support of LEAs, among others. Always with a special focus on systems and communications used in industry, a productive sector in which current tools are far from the level of automation and trust that has currently been established as the standard in the ICT productive sector.

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Jairo R. Sanchez, Vicomtech Industry and Advance Manufacturing Department

"We work in the State-of-the-Art in both industrial and robotics cybersecurity sectors, pushing our technology beyond it and offering a more robust and reliable solution to our clients. Given the current landscape of vulnerabilities present in collaborative robots, we value RIS as a great cybersecurity ally and the only endpoint protection platform that provides a comprehensive security, both to our research activities and the IP that we deliver to our clients."