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Cyber security is a two-way street where both vendors and researchers must act responsibly. At Alias, we're committed to improve the robotics industry response times to security bugs and in an attempt to spread the word and inspire others to follow a similar path, we disclose part of our research.

DevSecOps in Robotics

We introduce DevSecOps in Robotics, a set of best practices designed to help roboticists implant security deep in the heart of their development and operations processes.

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Industrial robot ransomware. We present Akerbeltz, the first known instance of industrial robot ransomware. Our malware demonstrates the current insecurity landscape.

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Robot Vulnerability Database (RVD)

We present the Robot Vulnerability Database (RVD), a directory for responsible disclosure of bugs, weaknesses and vulnerabilities in robots.

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A footprinting tool for robots. We present aztarna and discuss how such tool can facilitate the process of identifying vestiges of different robots, while maintaining an extensible structure.

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Robot Hazards

We review robot hazards and analyze the consequences of not facing these issues. We advocate strongly for a security-first approach and argue about the transition from safety to security in robotics.

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Robot Security Framework (RSF)

A methodology to perform systematic security assessments in robots. We propose, adapt and develop specific terminology and provide guidelines to enable a holistic security assessment in robotics.

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Robotics CTF (RCTF)

A playground for robot hacking. We describe the architecture of the RCTF and provide 9 scenarios where hackers can challenge the security of different robotic setups.

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Robot Vulnerability Scoring System

We present a scoring system for robot vunerabilities that considers a) robot safety aspects, b) assessment of downstream implications, c) library and third-party scoring assessments and d) environmental variables.

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