Robot infrastructure

Robot infrastructure

The infrastructure of your robotic application includes networks, the servers used (either your own ones or cloud-based), the orchestration services for multi-robot operations (fleet management software, etc.) and more.

We analyze and review your complete infrastructure security detecting flaws, reporting vulnerabilities and proposing mitigations where applicable.

Attention This type of assessment is generally performed in a grey-boxed manner where Alias has partial access to the information of your robotic infrastructure.

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Why do you need infrastructure testing?

Several robotic applications heavily rely on one or several infrastructures to operate, often outside of their physical limits and beyond their control. Having an end-to-end security approach is critical for safe operations.


The report delivers:

Scope and threat model

for infrastructure elements

a systematic approach

Reconnaissance and testing results

identify the degree of exposure

Cyber intrusion results

together with lateral movements

measure the penetration degree

Exfiltration and mitigations

outcome and recommendations

towards a secure infrastructure

Process of
infrastructure testing

Start! 1st step Scope definition We meet, define the scope and perform a simplified threat modeling to capture the main logic of your infrastructure. 2nd step Reconnaissance We footprint and fingerprint the infrastructure in search for evidence that allows us to determine its exposure. 3rd step Testing We reproduce your infrastructure and test it both statically and dynamically while we look for security flaws. 4th step Exploitation of servers Based on previous findings, our team develops and delivers exploits that attempt to compromise your infrastructure. 5th step Privilege escalation Next, we attempt to escalate priviliges and gain further footing into the selected entry point. 6th step Lateral movement With one foot in your infrastructure, we attempt to move across systems exploiting further flaws on the way. 7th step Exfiltration and review A final report and discussion are prepared where we share the output of the activity, list the assets compromised and propose mitigations. Start! Get your report

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