Alias Robotics is a robot cyber security company. Founded upon previous experiences in robotics, we take a roboticists' approach to cyber security and deliver security solutions for robots and their components.


Our mission, securing robots

To remove 0-days from robotics by working closely with robot manufacturers.

For years, manufacturers and end-users have been worried about safety, but there is no safety without security. We know that security is not an endpoint or a product, it is a process. Alias Robotics' solutions help protect and prevent your robots and components against third-party attacks.

Map of Insecurities in robotics

0-day vulnerabilities

Robot vulnerabilities that are unknown to, or unaddressed by, those who should be interested in mitigating them. Criticality measured using the Robot Vulnerability Scoring System (RVSS). Data source

Cyber security threats
in robotics

Complexity difficulties security. The inherent complexity of robotic systems leads to wide attack surfaces and a variety of potential attack vectors. Robots are spreading insecurely and will soon be everywhere. Systems traditionally employed in industry are being replaced by insecure robots, while more and more professional and consumer robots are introduced in people’s daily activities.

Safety and security are connected matters. Without security, safety cannot be guaranteed. The consequences of not protecting robots against cyber security threats[1] include human loss and injuries, environmental damages, data and IP theft or privacy issues among others. A security-first approach must be implemented now in robotics.

[1] Kirschgens, L. A., Ugarte, I. Z., Uriarte, E. G., Rosas, A. M., & Vilches, V. M. (2018). Robot hazards: from safety to security. arXiv preprint arXiv:1806.06681.


Watch a video of how Akerbeltz robot ransomware (malware targeting robots) exploits vulnerabilities in Universal Robots

COVID-19: Autonomous disinfection robots

Robots are helping us secure our environments and taking care of us, but who's taking care of robots? Recent research showed that most of the robots being used against COVID-19 are fully insecure.


An Robotics Endpoint Protection Platform (REPP) inspired by nature, protects robots and robot components against malware.

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Simplifies and speeds up the cybersecurity research in
robotics, empowering more secure robots.

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Not being cyber secure can cause a company to suffer tremendous financial losses and a loss of trust. Our robot security services will help you anticipate, prevent and mitigate possible vulnerabilities.

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